Friday, 27 May 2011

Mobile Madness

I think the next stage will be mobile telephone implants into the ear drum!

Why do people still persist in driving with one hand while chatting into a hand-held mobile phone? Serious accidents just waiting to happen.

Similarly what conversation can be so important that you cross a road [we are now talking pedestrians] holding a young child by the hand or pushing pram or buggy whilst chatting into your hand-held mobile? No-one can be giving full concentration to the road dangers in these circumstances.

However did we manage to communicate before the "mobile" - oh yes, we met people, spoke face to face [there's a novel idea], sat down comfortably and used a land line perhaps?


  1. Yes, this is so true. How ever DID we manage before mobile phones. Obviously, they are very handy for some things and some occasions, but, generally, they are so over-used! Even though it's now against the law, I still see so many people driving and using their phone in the other hand. The worse thing for me though is the young mums. Whenever I used to take my little ones out in the pushchair (and now the grandchildren) I used to be talking to them all the time, and pointing out things around us. Now I see these young mums pushing the prams and talking into their mobile phones. Either that, or they've got their iPod in their ear listening to music! I think it's quite sad really. Well, that's my bit for the day!!

  2. Currently my only escape from the dreaded mobile is when I am travelling on the London Underground, I get to read a book or the newspaper without interruption from my own machine or others. There are rumours circulating that the service providers are working on a plan to extend the service to the Tube - p.g. not until after I retire!