Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Joys of Reading

I was commenting on my other blog "Life after Sixty" on my concerns over the reports of the drop in reading skills of today's schoolchildren.

A thought to all you Wise Old Birds out there - if, like me, you remember teaching your children basic reading [at least] before they even went to Infant School then perhaps we could still do it.

There are Volunteer Schemes run by many schools to find people who will work with individual children who are having problems learning to read. I know when The Daughter had a top Advertising Agency job her Company donated her time for a hour once a week to volunteer at a local primary school for this very purpose.

We all have busy lives whether still in full-time work or not, but this is such an important issue. I intend making enquiries of local schools to see if I can help - will you?

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  1. That is such a good idea. I wonder if it would be quite so easy now, with all the checks that one would have to have, and quite rightly so. I always helped out as a volunteer when my two daughters were in primary school, and I loved listening and helping the little ones with their reading.