Monday, 23 May 2011

Question: Do you care which footballer has used a "super injunction" to try to stop details of his affair[s] being made public in what used to be called a "kiss and tell" newspaper article?

Frankly, I don't!

All this media discussion on TV, radio, newspapers etc etc about the unfairness of those with money being able to buy extra privacy is a load of nonsense. Twitter names and shames without any real evidence at all and no-one can stop the internet sites doing whatever they like and unfortunately too many people still believe "there is no smoke without fire". It seems that even the Broadsheets [supposedly serious newspapers not tabloids] will splash an incriminating story on the front page and then when it is proved to be false, the retraction and begrudging apology appears at the bottom of a column on an inside page.

Call me old-fashioned, and many would, but I have very little sympathy for this girl [and others like her] who has been prevented from openly naming names. She has made it clear that he is just the latest in the "famous" people she has "dated" [the speech marks are deliberate]. She knew he was married and yet entered into an affair willingly. When things didn't turn out the way she had hoped [namely he leaves his wife and maybe kids] and she doesn't become the new wife/partner whatever she has the right to make as much money as possible by selling her story.

What do you think?

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