Monday, 16 May 2011

Extreme Parenting

OK - First genuine WOB posting.

When did it become the norm for children to rule the roost?

This morning having a quick cup of tea before coming into the office I caught part of a "Super Nanny" programme on Extreme Parenting. The mother she was trying to help had virtually bankrupted herself pandering to her children. In particular she had allowed the youngest girl [I think around 8 or 9 yrs perhaps younger] to become a monster. This child had a wardrobe of designer outfits [£3 - 4k in value], spoke to her mother like dirt, did nothing around the house and was, in fact, the "pack leader" who everyone had to obey!! Even Super Nanny was horrified. Frankly I had better things to do, so turned off the TV and came to work.

Maybe this was a very extreme case but, to a lesser degree, haven't we all noticed that discipline [and I don't mean "spare the rod - spoil the child"], rules, boundaries on behaviour etc. are becoming rarer and rarer. Frankly this kind of parenting is just as much child abuse as the physical or emotional abuse that is always condemned.

Thoughts please....


  1. I'Ve watched some of these Super Nanny programmes, and the behaviour of the children is horrendous . When I see badly behaved children, I always feel that you can't blame the children when you look at the parents and see how those children have been brought up. I've noticed that many parents are so aggressive when they speak to their children nowadays.I hate to hear it! Good manners in children is another thing that I struggle with. The parents just don't seem to bother with it. I look at my little two year old grandson, and I am so proud of my daughter. Already his manners are really lovely, but you have to put the effort in. It doesn't just happen like that. Oh dear, I've probably gone on a bit here!!

  2. Hi....thanks for visiting my blog and inviting me here....I have just signed up.

    Re the subject of parenting and children's behavior I would like to refer you to a blog I wrote a week or so ago in which I ranted and cursed at the current upbringing (or not) of children these days....can't recall my title but do take a look for it.

  3. I am just finishing work for the week and intend to read your "rant" later today. Thanks for coming on board.