Monday, 6 June 2011

What's the attraction?

I wonder whether it is because I don't drink alcohol [the acidity in wine didn't agree with me and spirits tasted like bad cough medicine]that I have no comprehension of why young women and some not-so-young women, who should know better, think it is great to get absolutely plastered.

In today's lunch time edition of a TV chat show called "Loose Women" they were discussing the level of social drinking among young women. They were talking in part about the more recent practice of "Hen Nights" or "Hen Weekends Away" as the prospective bride's answer to the bridegroom's "Stag Night/Weekend".

I have always fought for equality - for a woman's right to achieve the career heights her abilities deserve, for the right to marry or not, for the right to have children or not. But to drink yourself senseless, vomit in the street, and behave appallingly just to match the blokes??? To me this is just another example of the dumbing down of society generally. Why aspire to be equal to men - why not aspire to be better?

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  1. I absolutely agree. And I speak from sad past experience. Everything after the first drink is way too much........what is so glorious about drinking yourself sick?